Outpatient Rehabilitation Services 

We are located at:
317 Central Avenue, Butner

Inside OrthoNC, 103 Professional Park Drive, Oxford

The outpatient rehabilitation team offers an excellent level of physical, occupational and speech therapy, specifically in the areas of orthopaedic, neurological, industrial, hand, sport and pediatric care. 

Ergonomic Assessments and Job Analysis

Granville Health System’s Rehabilitation Department now offers on-site ergonomic assessments and interventions specifically tailored to assist workers who are already injured to prevent work-related injuries. Evaluation goals are set to obtain the highest productivity from each worker, while maintaining his or her physical well-being and mental health.

The on-site ergonomic assessment has two stages. First, environmental considerations are studied by a trained therapist visiting the work site. The components of this stage include job analysis, work station mechanics, and hazard identification.

After the environmental study, the therapist issues a report on job/worker compatibility. The report will include recommendations and on-site instruction in the following areas:

  • Repetitive strain reduction
  • Physical and emotional fatigue prevention
  • Workstation design improvement
  • Body mechanics instruction
  • Tool modification
  • Pacing skills training
  • Stretching exercise training
  • Posture correction
  • Splint/adaptive aid