Granville Primary Care

Our Primary Care Locations:

Granville Primary Care, Oxford
1032 College Street, Oxford

Granville Primary Care, Butner-Creedmoor

1614 NC Highway 56, Butner

What is Primary Care?

• Primary Care is your patient centered medical home; your entry into Granville Health System and all the services it has to offer.
• Primary care gives your family a medical home-base that allows for seamless navigation through other health care services such as urology, cardiology, general surgery and behavioral health.
• Primary Care also means convenience for patients. Make an appointment with your provider or simply walk-in. Same-day service is available. You can see a provider today!
• Primary Care is quality care for the whole family with expanded pediatric services.

As your patient centered medical home provider, your chosen Primary Care Provider (PCP) and their team of medical assistants and patient coordinators will partner with you on your healthcare. They will work with you on your specific health goals and plans.

Your Granville Health System Primary Care Provider (PCP) is available to:

• Diagnose and treat personal medical problems
• Provide you with care when you are sick
• Provide preventative medical screenings based on medical risk factors or family history and if such screenings detect an early-stage condition, provide appropriate treatment or referral
• Provide formal written referrals to specialists when needed
• Coordinate the efforts of various specialists who may be diagnosing and treating your medical problems.
• Give you information about less expensive generic medications or various drug interactions and their effects
• See you right away in many situations so you can avoid using the Emergency Room for non-emergency care, saving you time and dollars
• An ongoing partnership with a PCP will mean that your personal medical history will be documented and taken into consideration when an emergency arises.