Burns from fireplace and bonfires

Each year, many people are treated for injuries associated with fireplaces and outdoor bonfires. Most injuries involve the hands, head and eyes.

Have heating appliances, fireplaces, and chimney flues serviced and examined for defects. Please consider attending an organized event handled by professionals rather than risking your safety by having your own bonfire. Children should always be closely supervised. Teach children to stop, drop and rill if their clothes catch fire. Generally, minor burns smaller than a person's palm can be treated at home. Larger burns, and burns on the hands, feet, face, genitals and major joints usually require emergency treatment. For a minor injury, run cool water over it and cover it with a clean, dry cloth. Don't apply ice, which can worsen a burn. Don't apply petroleum jelly or butter, which can hold heat in the tissue. Consult your family doctor if a minor burn does not heal in a couple of days or if there are signs of infection, such as redness and swelling.

*This content is intended for informational purposes and is not intended as medical advice.