Christy Dixon, Oxford, NC

 “My family and I are very fortunate to have access to great health care, so close to our home, through Granville Health System.


My daughter Megan was at softball practice when she fell and hit her head on the corner of the bleachers. She was bleeding and had a huge knot on her head.

When we arrived at Granville Medical Center, everyone in the ER worked quickly to get her into an examining room. We waited less than 30 minutes for them to begin testing her. The doctors were great; they kept me informed through every test and exam. The CAT scan results were back to us in less than 45 minutes. She had a slight concussion.

The doctors were very informative and took time in explaining her treatment and how to care for her. They made Megan comfortable and assured her that she would be okay. They also kept me calm throughout the process.

Thanks, Granville Health System, for all you’ve done in providing wonderful medical care, not only for Megan, but for my entire family.”


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