Patient Stories


Brand Family

"We rely on Granville Primary Care, Butner-Creedmoor for all our family's medical needs, and as a mother, it helps me rest a little easier ..." more


Daniel Family

"My wife, Cindy, and I needed special care for the birth of our precious twins Allan Lee and Ashlynn Paige..." more


Christy Dixon

 "My family and I are very fortunate to have access to great health care, so close to our home, through Granville Health System..." more


Gene & Cole

 "These kids look like nothing could touch them, but childhood friends, Gene and Cole, faced an emergency situation when their dirt bikes collided..." more



"Dear Granville Medical Center, I love your Emergency Room and all the doctors. They made me feel better when I was real sick..." more


Effie Currin

"Granville Health System and I were born about the same time! They’ve taken care of my family for more than five generations..." more


Chip Fudge

"I always thought larger hospitals provided better care. That could not be further from the truth..." more

Karen Evans

“I love my doctor...I love my hospital... Granville Health System takes care of me and my family, providing quality medical care." more

McMillan Family

“Granville Health System Primary Care takes care of our family. We count on them for school and sports physicals for the kids, and preventative care for the entire family. Plus, we love their convenient locations!” more

The Daniel Family

“Our family is always on the go. So for a cold or unexpected injury, it’s good to know that South Granville Medical Center is open when we need them..." more

Lloyd Family

Chad Lloyd experienced what he thought was persistent heartburn, but he knew something didn't feel right. So, he visited Granville Health System's Emergency Department...more