Granville Health System Recognized for Surgical Care Performance

Granville Health System (GHS) announced the organization earned a NC SCIP performance award at the North Carolina Surgical Care Improvement Project's (NCSCIP) year two celebration.


The award is tied to the Surgical Care Improvement Project, which is a national quality partnership of organizations committed to improving the safety of surgical care through the reduction of postoperative complications. Launched in 2005, the goal of SCIP is to reduce the incidence of surgical complications by 25 percent by 2010.


Granville Health System was awarded for Consistent “High Reliable” Performance with CARD2 Optimal Care spanning April 2008 through March 2009.


In August 2007, the N.C. Quality Center launched the N.C. Surgical Care Improvement Project (N.C. SCIP) collaborative in partnership with the Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence, N.C. Area Health Education Centers, Southern Atlantic Health-care Alliance and the North Carolina chapter of the American College of Surgeons.


Nearly 60 North Carolina hospitals have participated in the NCSCIP Collaborative. The group assists hospitals in implementing the components of SCIP in order to improve surgical outcomes through infection and blood clot prevention measures.


"Providing patients with quality care is our number one priority at Granville Health System,” said Maria Calloway, former GHS Chief Nursing Officer. “Our patients directly benefit from our participation with the NCSCIP. I am very impressed with our medical staff, both by the performance level they have achieved and the high standard of care they have exceeded. The Surgical Services team have done a great job in helping GHS meet this challenge.”